Blower door Inspection for EHS-Trakhees Green Building Regulations Compliance

Blower door Inspection for EHS-Trakhees Green Building Regulations Compliance

Cornerstone is a trusted provider of blower door test in UAE and the wider MENA region. Blower door test, also called Air Tightness test, is carried out to determine anomalies in the Building Envelope and rectify the leakage areas on time prior to commencing building operations. This helps in avoiding the loss of conditioned air through these leakages, thereby saving a considerable amount of energy and money for the client.

As per EHS- Trakhees guidelines, the leakage rate of a unit should be contained within a maximum of 10m3/hr /m2 @ 50 Pascal. The Pre-requisite for Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Control also stipulates the mandatory testing of residential units using blower door fans as per ANSI/ASTM-E779-03, Standard Test Method for Determining Air Leakage Rate By Fan Pressurization. A maximum of 1.25 square inches of leakage area per 100 sqft of enclosed area has to be ensured. Progressive sampling methodology in accordance with Chapter 4 (Compliance through Quality Construction) of the Residential Manual for Compliance with California’s 2001 Energy Efficiency Standards has to be adopted for the same.

Air tightness testers at Cornerstone are ATTMA certified and have years of experience in carrying out air leakage testing in a wide variety of facilities in Dubai. We are proud to have worked in various prestigious projects such as ENOC Refinery Expansion project in Jebel Ali Free Zone(JAFZA) and various other residential and commercial facilities