Blower Door Test : What Is It, Why Do You Need It?

Blower Door Test : What Is It, Why Do You Need It?

The diagnostic tool used for measuring the airtightness of any building (the measure of the amount of air that filters out of a building) is called blower door. The machine is also used for measuring airflow between building zones, for checking the ductwork airtightness etc. It also in turn helps in determining the average cost of future energy bills. A group of professional energy auditors performing a test on any building using the blower door for checking or measuring the airtightness, is called blower door test. Blower door test solutions are lesser known but increasing growing techniques in UAE, Australia etc.

When is it required:
Anyone who is interested in buying a house or building should preferably consider having a blower door test done. Anyone facing air-leakage problems in their buildings should also contact blower door test experts.

Why should one bother with proper building tightness:
Proper building tightness is said to reduce energy consumption because no air leakage. It ensures that the building doesn’t face any moisture condensation problems. Blower door test during an energy audit helps avoiding uncomfortable drafts which happens because of cold air leaking from the doors. It helps in analyzing the add on mechanical ventilation required to keep the indoors comfortable.

How is the blower door test conducted:
The blower door machine consists of a large calibrated fan, a door panel and a manometer (pressure measuring device. The calibrated fan is sealed temporarily on the main outer doors of the building. Once the fan operates, it pulls all the air from the inside to outside of the building and creates a low air pressure inside. Due to the relative higher pressure outside, air rushes inside the building from cracks and holes in the building. Indicators like the smoke pencil can be used to recognize the cracks and air leaks. Such blower door test solutions in Dubai, Singapore etc. are quite common to determine energy consumption of a high rise building or house. The test itself might take about an hour or so for your house but can vary depending on the complexity of the building.

Steps to be taken before the blower door test is conducted:
– If you have a fireplace, make sure that the fire is out (not even coal) before the auditor arrives. Also make sure to remove the ashes from the open fireplaces.
– Be prepared for the auditor to access all areas of your house or building including personal bedrooms, walk-in closets, cabinets etc. to ensure safe and successful test.
– The auditor might take control of all atmospheric fossil fuel applications to prevent any misshapen during the test.
– You should walk through your house with the auditor and inform them of any problematic area that you might be aware of.

Air leakage test solutions in countries like the UAE, Singapore, Australia, Canada etc. are on demand as owners are interested in better performing and more energy efficient homes.