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Indoor Air Quality Test as per LEED compliance

Our client, a leading Norwegian chemicals company dealing mainly in decorative paints and performance coatings engaged Cornerstone to carry out Indoor air quality monitoring for their labour accommodation facility. The test was done as per ISO/ASTM compliance. This helped our client earn LEED credits to assist on their LEED rating application.

The requirement was important as it was a new staff facility and IAQ parameter had to be checked post cleaning of the AC ducts. Air samples were taken as per LEED sampling methods and the air monitored for a period of 8 hours per sample.

Our use of high accuracy industry leading equipment, team of IAQ specialists and prior experience working on LEED projects gave the client confidence to engage us. We were able to deliver the entire service within 1 week of mobilisation to keep in line with the overall business requirement of the client.

We provide testing for CO2, CO, O2, Relative Humidity and PM10. Cornerstone also provides LEED IAQ testing for IQ Credit 3.2- Formaldehyde, PM10, TVOC, CO2 and 4-PCH.

IAQ testing and correction is a wise choice for any individual, family or business. Identifying and removing chemical contaminants, allergens, and other pollutants from your indoor environment can improve overall health and well being.


  • Date February 1, 2019
  • Engagement 1 Week
  • Location Al Quoz-Dubai, UAE
  • Concern

    IAQ Testing as per LEED compliance

  • Outcome

    Air samples tested and complying within threshold values. LEED credits were achieved as part of the process

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