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Building Thermography for Town House Community in Jumeirah Park Development

We were engaged by the client to inspect their 6 townhouses of a community in Dubai. This was done as part of pre-handover EHS compliance and obligation for airtight building. Cornerstone’s Level II certified thermographers worked in three teams to complete the inspection of the townhouses within an agreed time frame of 2 days.

The inspection was done to identify any gaps in the insulation and locate any air infiltration and leakage. The test was done with the AC equipment switched ON and during noon time to avoid issues with respect to reflection.

Our use of advanced hi-resolution cameras and experienced thermographers guarantee the quality of inspection.

Our experience on similar large scale projects and our prequalification and preapprovals with most Green building consultants led the client to appoint us as the thermographic inspector for the prestigious development.

We have carried out more than 60 projects to satisfy the requirements of EHS-Trakhees green building regulations for villas, warehouses and utility buildings. We have also carried out building thermography to asses building façade quality and also to detect water leaks.


  • Date March 20, 2019
  • Engagement 2 Days ( Inspection,reporting and certification)
  • Location Jumeirah Park, UAE
  • Concern

    Post construction EHS COMPLIANCE

  • Outcome

    Building thermography done for 6 townhouses

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