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Compressed Air Audit at Chocolate Factory in Dubai and Saudi Arabia

We were engaged by the client in Dubai to solve a dire issue on their compressed air system. The compressed air system is an integral component as it is directly linked to the key manufacturing process lines and thus impacts overall chocolate production. Poor performance and high energy cost were noted and thus Cornerstone were called in to identify gaps and propose a solution.

After a comprehensive two week inspection on the compressed air lines and field instrumentation, we identified 75 leaks that resulted in a 45,000USD of savings to the factory. The positive outcome of the audit led the client to consider an audit for their factory in KSA where we were able to identify 55 leaks and brought savings of 38,000 USD on repair of identified leaks. Our team of certified and experienced engineers, industry leading equipment and quality reporting are the reasons why the client put their trust to engage us in delivering this project.

A lot of machinery in industrial production lines use pneumatic systems and compressed air leakage is a common occurrence. Compressed air is is expensive to produce and hence locating and closing these leakages is crucial in saving operational costs. In its endeavor to support sustainable operational practices, Cornerstone locates the precise location of leakages and even calculates for you the amount of savings that can be achieved on carrying out the rectifications. This helps the maintenance team to quantify the savings and justify the inspection costs to the higher management.


  • Date August 23, 2013
  • Engagement
  • Location UAE & KSA
  • Concern

    Rising energy cost for compressed air system

  • Outcome

    75 leaks identified, repaid of the leaks lead to 45,000 USD worth of savings

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