Case Studies

Power Quality Audit for leading Print and Advertising Company in Dubai

Our client, a regional leader in printing and advertising had suspected power quality issues as its electronic equipment was facing recurrent failure. Cornerstone were engaged to carry out a power quality audit to study voltage and current trend.

The team of experienced electrical engineers and analysts were deployed at site for one business week to observe patterns and trends in the power drawn as per factory loads. Surging levels of harmonics were noted post logging.

Upon further investigation of the connected loads we were able to identify specific variable speed drives connected to specific conveyor line motors. We also found that the recent installation of LEDs attributed to the rise in harmonics. We recommended a revision in design and addition of harmonic filters which solved the problem and improved overall electrical system performance.

The client was satisfied with our root cause analysis and recommendations and we were further approached for doing the whole facility energy audit.

Power Quality analysis is crucial in facilities where sensitive equipment is used such as hospitals, labs etc. The harmonic content of the system voltages is measured, recorded and analysed and results are submitted to the client along with the recommendations to improve the power quality of the system.



  • Date March 25, 2015
  • Engagement 1 Week
  • Location Dubai, UAE
  • Concern

    Poor power quality

  • Outcome

    Harmonic issues identified and solution proposed to improve electrical system performance