Building Thermography

Building Thermography

Building Thermography

Building thermography is used for various applications related to assessing the quality of construction of a building as well as its condition. Various issues such as air leakage, water leakage, insulation faults, roof leakage etc. can be located using building thermography. We have carried out more than 60 building thermography inspections related to EHS-Trakhees green building regulations in various locations in Dubai. We provide recommendations on the necessary rectification works that need to be undertaken and carry out re-inspection in order to confirm the success of rectification work. Following this, our professional report is released.

Building Thermography is one of the most popular ways of inspecting the building for any damage or insulation problems. With the help of thermal cameras, it is easier to analyse the building’s condition. This method also helps in detecting faults that can occur internally and externally which are not visible.

We offer our customers with building thermal imaging surveys. With our qualified team and high-tech thermal cameras, we are able to assist our customers in understanding their building’s condition in a better way. We also provide recommendations to rectify the issues to improve the condition of the building. For high-quality and cost-effective surveys, contact us.

Our difference

We are members of the UKTA (UK Thermography Association) and our team of thermographer are certified to ITC Level II.

The camera equipment we use is high resolution and this helps to identify even the least of air leaks and maintain quality of reporting.

Our value proposition

  1. Save annual energy costs
  2. Detect air leaks, air infiltration, water leaks and insulation extensiveness
  3. Meet standards by regulatory authorities like EHS-Trakhees to comply with air-tightness requirements for air-conditioned spaces in warehouses and villas