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  • Water Tightness testing

    Water Tightness testing

    On site water tightness testing for curtain walling & Sloped Glazing Systems Water leakage is the most common cause of facade failure. Cornerstone carries out on-site water tightness testing to assess integrity of site construction as per intended design. Cornerstone conducts hose testing or spray bar testing based on site type and requirement to validate […]

  • Phase Sequence Test

    Phase Sequence Test

    Power for several sub supplies such as three phase socket channels, motors and circuits are usually provided by a three phase supply. Due to the presence of numerous different terminations, it is critical to examine correct termination of each phase. Regulation 612.12 of BS7671 states that correct phase sequence must be verified for multiphase circuits. […]

  • Switchgear Test

    Switchgear Test

    Unextinguished arc faults and arc flashes are unprecedented issues that result due to irregular or no maintenance of circuit breakers causing impairment to assets and injure personnel. The following tests will be conducted by our team:- Visual inspection and Mechanical inspection – Inspect switchgear and all components for any physical damage/defects. Perform mechanical check and […]

  • Dielectric Test

    Dielectric Test

    The effectiveness of the insulation of a component is determined by a dielectric withstand test, also known as high potential (hipot) test. Hipot tests are helpful in finding pilfered or crumpled insulation, stray wire strands or braided shielding, conductive or corrosive contaminants around the conductors, terminal spacing problems, and tolerance errors in cables. The test […]

  • Capacitor bank test

    Capacitor bank test

    A Capacitor Bank functions to collect and store electrical energy to eventually supply an operational requirement and providing sufficient power factor levels for the electrical system. It is critical to test the capacitor bank at intervals to confirm its performance and reliability. Our team is capable to test the capacitor bank during installation as part […]

  • Primary Current Injection testing of ACB & MCCB

    Primary Current Injection testing of ACB & MCCB

    The primary injection testing is used to verify the correct installation and operation of the whole protection chain. A predetermined current is injected into the circuit breaker to determine whether the relay will trip at this current and, if so, the time period the current needs to flow before the trip is initiated. Specifically, the […]

  • Secondary Current Injection testing of ACB & MCCB

    Secondary Current Injection testing of ACB & MCCB

    Secondary injection tests are usually done prior to primary injection tests. The test basis is to prove the correct operation of the protection scheme that is downstream from the inputs to the protection relays. It includes testing of protective relays and their tripping settings, verifying of all related circuits and gears included in the correct […]

  • Operation Fitness Certificate(OFC)

    Operation Fitness Certificate(OFC)

    Cornerstone provide Inspection and Certification Services needed to obtain Operational Fitness Certificate based on regulatory authority checklist. An example of this is the EHS Checklist for Operational Inspections in Dubai. The OFC ensures that companies operating under its jurisdiction comply with all the requirements set forth by the Environment, Health & Safety (EHS). The OFC […]

  • Electrical Installation Condition Report(EICR)

    Electrical Installation Condition Report(EICR)

    An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), is a periodic inspection report on a property’s safety relating to its fixed wiring. An EICR guarantee the safety of the residents in a property and ensures that they are not susceptible to electrical shocks or fires. Old and faulty wiring is one of the major causes of fires […]

  • Electrical Thermography

    Electrical Thermography

    Infrared Inspection is a non-destructive method of preventive maintenance in electrical panels. Electrical thermography can reduce risk, increase operational safety, and improve production efficiency. Integrating annual thermal imaging audits into a proactive maintenance approach is crucial in protecting against breakdowns. This becomes crucial especially in manufacturing and hospitality industries, where a breakdown can translate to […]