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  • Energy Audit

    Energy Audit

    We are a distinguished firm engaged in offering the best energy audit solutions in UAE. Energy Audit is the technique to establish the current status of energy efficiency of a System or a Facility or a Commercial Building. The process involves the monitoring, verification, and analysis of the use of energy and submission of technical […]

  • Duct smoke and air leakage test

    Duct smoke and air leakage test

    A duct pressurization test is used to evaluate the leakage of an HVAC system, including the ducts and air handler unit cabinets. A pressurization fan is used to temporarily pressurize/depressurize the taped-off duct system to a reference pressure and air flow is calculated. This test gives us an indication of the leakage characteristics of the […]

  • Compressed Air Leak Audit

    Compressed Air Leak Audit

    Ultrasound/compressed air leak detection covers a wide range of leaks: pressure or vacuum, compressed air, and gas. By scanning an area with an ultrasound instrument, we follow the sound of the leak to the loudest point. Once identified, the leak amplitude is noted and a detailed report involving the cost analysis and environmental impact is prepared […]

  • Steam trap testing

    Steam trap testing

    Steam traps are subject to wear and tear just like any other mechanical devices and require maintenance. For an accurate diagnosis of trap condition, obtaining help from an experienced professional that uses specialized equipment is key. Our difference We use several methods to test the operating condition of a steam trap to determine if it […]

  • Power Quality Analysis

    Power Quality Analysis

    Power Quality basically refers to the quality of electrical power in a system. Fluctuations in frequency, voltage and waveform normally result in deviations in power quality. A few issues related to power quality of a system are swells/ dips in voltage, momentary outages, sags and other disturbances. This can result in malfunction or premature failure […]

  • Energy Modeling

    Energy Modeling

    We make use of energy modeling in order to analyse the different aspects of energy consumption of the building in different operating conditions.The entire building is modeled with all its systems. Different scenarios are simulated assuming the different technical and economic conditions at play. The output normally includes energy efficiency of the system, emissions, cumulative […]

  • Drone Thermography

    Drone Thermography

    We utilize thermography in its latest application – drone based thermal inspections. This is done in various areas ranging from buildings to solar panels. Aerial thermographic vision is very relevant in this region as it is crucial in detecting thermal losses in high rise building facades and roof. Anomalies in solar panel projects of any scale […]

  • Building Thermography

    Building Thermography

    Building thermography is used for various applications related to assessing the quality of construction of a building as well as its condition. Various issues such as air leakage, water leakage, insulation faults, roof leakage etc. can be located using building thermography. We have carried out more than 60 building thermography inspections related to EHS-Trakhees green […]

  • Air leakage / Blower Door Test

    Air leakage / Blower Door Test

    Cornerstone is a promising name in providing blower door test solutions in Dubai, UAE. We are dedicatedly involved in providing air leakage test solutions in UAE for residential and commercial buildings to access the building envelope integrity by using variable airflow fans or blower door systems to artificially pressurize/depressurize the building. Our professional energy auditors […]

  • Electromagnetic Field Monitoring

    Electromagnetic Field Monitoring

    Similar to air pollutants, there are invisible electromagnetic fields around us at all times. It becomes dangerous to our health and wellbeing once the exposure limit exceeds a certain threshold. This makes Electromagnetic Field Monitoring essential especially in high risk areas to reduce the health risk associated with EMF radiation. EMF radiation is normally generated […]