Electrical Installation Condition Report(EICR)

Electrical Installation Condition Report(EICR)

Electrical Installation Condition Report(EICR)

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), is a periodic inspection report on a property’s safety relating to its fixed wiring. An EICR guarantee the safety of the residents in a property and ensures that they are not susceptible to electrical shocks or fires.

Old and faulty wiring is one of the major causes of fires in domestic and commercial properties. This risk can be reduced by ensuring that your cables, switches and sockets, are in good condition. An electrical installation is bound to suffer from wear and tear regardless of its age. This increases the significance of obtaining an Electrical Installation Condition Report at least every 5 years or when moving in to a new property.

Cornerstone provide Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) to clients based on a case to case procedure as per the site condition. The sampling rate is agreed with the client based on which the tests are conducted. The Electrical Installation Condition Report is issued once a full range of testing has been completed for the periodic inspection. The report will have photos included, detailing anything of concern. We will also specify the next date of inspection depending on the condition of the electrical installation.

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a report provided by an engineer or an electrician after the assessment of electrical installation. It helps in analysing the condition of your cables and electrical wiring. The report helps you in understanding whether your cables and circuits are safe and in good condition, whether it has a risk of electric shocks, installation of any defective electrical wire, etc.

We are the most trusted commercial electrical inspection services company UAE. We provide customised EICR depending upon the industry or company that is being investigated. We agree with the rate of sampling with our customers. Our report is based on the complete investigation. The report will also include photos of the investigated areas with detail of issues of electrical fault. Our report also consists of a recommendation and further steps to be taken along with the next inspection date. So, contact us for EICR for your company.

We carry out Live and Cold testing to validate the functionality of electrical panels and systems.

Advantage of Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

  1. Electrical faults are responsible for half of all fires. The benefits of an EICR outweigh the cost, it ensures that the electrics in your property are safe and okay for use.
  2. Many insurance companies require an EICR
  3. It provides added confidence in the property for potential buyers or tenants planning to move in