Capacitor bank test

Capacitor bank test

Capacitor bank test

A Capacitor Bank functions to collect and store electrical energy to eventually supply an operational requirement and providing sufficient power factor levels for the electrical system.

It is critical to test the capacitor bank at intervals to confirm its performance and reliability.

Our team is capable to test the capacitor bank during installation as part of commissioning or as part of an annual maintenance schedule.

Being static equipment, a capacitor bank needs to be tested to ensure that it is well maintained. If they are not maintained, then they can pose a dangerous threat to the industry where it is being used. Hence, it is necessary that a capacitor bank test has to be done on a regular basis to ensure that the capacitor bank is safe.

Our capacitor bank testing service includes various factors that are kept into consideration to ensure that the equipment is safe. Our team of experts checks for any residue or deposits in the equipment. Bulging capacitor banks can be dangerous and hence we make sure to check for any bulging no matter how little that may be. Our team also looks for any leakage or damage in the capacitor bank. Our complete testing and analysis of the capacitor bank will ensure the safety of the equipment. So, contact us for getting your capacitor bank tested.

We carry out repair and maintenance work for all electrical panels and capacitor banks panels.

Some typical testing includes:

Routine test:


  1. Visual examination
  2. Sealing test
  3. Test for output and capacitance.
  4. Insulation resistance test
  5. Voltage test between terminals, terminals and container
  6. Voltage test between terminals and container for capacitor banks
  7. Test for efficacy of discharge device
  8. Measurement of dielectric loss angle