Switchgear Test

Switchgear Test

Switchgear Test

Unextinguished arc faults and arc flashes are unprecedented issues that result due to irregular or no maintenance of circuit breakers causing impairment to assets and injure personnel.

The following tests will be conducted by our team:-

Visual inspection and Mechanical inspection – Inspect switchgear and all components for any physical damage/defects. Perform mechanical check and visual inspection for breaker / contractor as per section, instrument transformers as per section, on all disconnect / grounding switches as per section.

Insulation Resistance Test – The insulation resistance testing determines the quality of the insulation and its effectiveness in resisting the flow of electrical current

The need for electrical insulation testing existed as long as the assets themselves. Insulation resistance test has been performed for several years now to keep the assets in good condition. Though the insulation system evolved significantly still the need to test them has never gone away. The consequences right after a failure are very high. This is the reason why the insulation resistance test is popular.

Cornerstone Middle East is the leading insulation resistant test provider in the UAE. We have been in this industry for quite a long time now and our insulation tests techniques and tools are the best among the market offering. These tests are advised to locate problems before they get worse. We therefore always recommend to carry out such inspections to avoid unnecessary equipment down time and save money and time.

Contact Resistance Test – The resistance of electrical connection such as joints and connectors can be measured by contact resistance test. The resistance of terminations, conductors, cables and bus bar sections can also be tested. Ductor testing is used to verify that electrical connections are made properly and it has been designed to detect problems such as:

  1. Loose connections
  2. Eroded contact surfaces
  3. Corroded contacts
  4. Adequate tension on bolted joints