Electrical Thermography

Electrical Thermography

Electrical Thermography

Infrared Inspection is a non-destructive method of preventive maintenance in electrical panels. Electrical thermography can reduce risk, increase operational safety, and improve production efficiency. Integrating annual thermal imaging audits into a proactive maintenance approach is crucial in protecting against breakdowns. This becomes crucial especially in manufacturing and hospitality industries, where a breakdown can translate to stop in production or inconvenience of guest in the latter case. Insurance companies can also make use of our services to ascertain the electrical risk level of a facility.

Cornerstone provide electrical thermography solutions to our clients in various sectors across the Middle East. We carry out a free site visit upon which we can recommend the panels that need to be tested. Following the inspection, we provide detailed reports which include both digital and thermal images along with the load details of each component being inspected. We also provide our clients cloud based access to all their previous reports accessible using a unique username and password. Once the rectification is carried out by the client, we also provide a free re-inspection and revise the reports as per the new readings.

Cornerstone Middle East is a company that provides specialist electrical thermography services in Dubai to our customers from different sectors. We use trained and skilled experts for these kinds of jobs. Our company has been in this field for several years now. Our support to commercial and industrial applications, surveys and the reporting structure meets all the requirements that are generally expected by our clients and customers.

At Cornerstone Middle East we realise that the electrical thermography is important if you want to know the potential defects in your equipment at the earliest possible stage. It will save your time and money and will reduce the risk in the future by making correct decisions. Our company has a combination of equipment that has high specifications, certified and experienced products, and fully-trained workers.

We guarantee to provide you with the best electrical thermography services in UAE and will meet all your requirements. Our team members make sure that our clients are satisfied and will carry out the procedure with expertise.

In today’s world, these electrical equipment have become the center of manufacturing and they play a very vital role in business operations. Thermal imaging services in UAE is very important, if your equipment is not working properly it can hamper the critical business processes.

Faulty electrical equipment can also be a cause to fire which will damage the building and will endanger the lives of people. Thus take help of the best electrical thermography services in UAE from Cornerstone Middle East.
Our thermal camera will help you prevent problems like sudden halts to the electrical machinery or power supply. Thermal imaging services Dubai can also be used to carry out the regular thermal surveys as a part of the maintenance for electrical equipment. The infrared or thermal camera converts the emitted radiation level into a two-dimensional picture which will highlight the energy levels generally the electrical faults and will show the rise in temperature which is the basis of identifying the electrical faults.

Thermal imaging inspections in the Middle East is beneficial for detecting electrical faults as they are quick and cannot be interrupted while there is a thermal survey taking place. The images will give you a clear picture of the condition of the equipment and also the distribution of temperature.

Thermal imaging third party inspections are done by professionals who are knowledgeable and skilled enough to know the solutions to the problem.
Thus, without delay contact us and get a thermal inspection in UAE from our company.

Advantages of Infrared Inspection Services

Our thermal imaging services can be incorporated as part of the client’s overall condition-based maintenance strategy. This cost-effective testing method can be carried out during normal operations to keep your electrical panels and equipment operating safely and efficiently.

  1. Uninterrupted and quick detection of problems as the inspection is done live without requiring shutdown.
  2. Documented energy savings
  3. Reduced risk of fire and increased safety
  4. Reduction is unscheduled power breakdowns
  5. Minimized maintenance and troubleshooting time
  6. Improved risk assessment