CCTV Drain Line Inspections

CCTV Drain Line Inspections

CCTV Drain Line Inspections

Drains are largely hidden from view and their exact condition may not be immediately apparent. Both old and newly constructed properties need to carry out drain line inspections to truly access the quality of their underground drain network. Clogging of construction waste is a major problem for newly constructed/ under construction buildings and this is the reason the client/ consultant normally goes for a 3rd party CCTV drain line inspection before handover.

We are highly engaged in offering services for CCTV drain line inspection in UAE and obligated to meet the quality standards as per the customer’s demand. CCTV drain line inspection is a method of using video to visually inspect a utility line for cracks, blockages, infractions, and other imperfections in the drain line. A CCTV drain line inspection provides you with the full discovery of the state of your pipes or drains by using a drain camera and helps you to locate current problems and future pipe/drain repair problems that are likely to occur.

Features of our CCTV Drain Line inspection System in UAE:

  1. HD footage provided
  2. Capable of recording in all conditions
  3. Latest drain camera equipment used
  4. Cost-effective

Our difference

Cornerstone offers specialized CCTV drain inspection for pipes for diameters ranging from 100mm up to 2 meters. Sonar tracing used in conjunction with CCTV can positively identify the source, condition, and route of existing drains. The CCTV systems are suitable for use in drains, sewers and similar systems. All of our CCTV systems are equipped with built-in sound locators to accurately pinpoint the problems from the surface. Our CCTV control units will produce full-color video/DVD’s of the entire survey, which will be submitted to the client for future reference.

Our value proposition

  1. Identify blocked drain line pipework
  2. Report on pipework integrity
  3. Reduce overall plumbing maintenance cost

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