Drone Thermography

Drone Thermography

Drone Thermography

We utilize thermography in its latest application – drone based thermal inspections.

This is done in various areas ranging from buildings to solar panels. Aerial thermographic vision is very relevant in this region as it is crucial in detecting thermal losses in high rise building facades and roof. Anomalies in solar panel projects of any scale can be easily spotted using drone based thermography techniques.

Drone thermography is the latest technology that is used to understand the condition of your building. With the help of aerial thermography, you will be able to analyse excessive temperature different rooms in the building. You can also see any indicative problems such as hidden moisture, heat leakage, etc. Infrared photos are the best options to locate any problems inside the building that are not otherwise visible to the naked eyes.

Our drone thermography inspection services are customised based on the needs and requirements of our customers. Our services are also cost-effective. We inspect lands, fields, disposable areas, water tanks, etc. apart from the inspection of buildings and industries. With our latest thermography technology, we guarantee thermal images that are clear and accurate. We also provide a complete summarised report on the finding to help you in resolving the issues or problems that the area or location may have. So, contact us now.

Our difference

Our UAV/UAS/RPAS drones are registered with DCAA. Our team of operators are RPAS certified.

Our value proposition

  1. Map out, locate and inspect an entire field’s worth of flow lines for oil wells not having proper documentation
  2. Detect gas leaks that are otherwise a dangerous, tedious and difficult task to accomplish
  3. Getting a new site approved for development by the government by providing high-resolution image of what exists and provide measurements of proposed disposal areas, wells, tanks and more while showing what exists in the field before the project begins.