Power Quality Analysis

Power Quality Analysis

Power Quality Analysis

Power Quality basically refers to the quality of electrical power in a system. Fluctuations in frequency, voltage and waveform normally result in deviations in power quality. A few issues related to power quality of a system are swells/ dips in voltage, momentary outages, sags and other disturbances. This can result in malfunction or premature failure of sensitive electric equipment.

The power quality data is acquired using a power quality analyser and harmonic content of the system is analysed to identify the exact cause of the variation.  Detailed report is then given to the client containing the measurement, recording, and analysis of the results along with recommendations to improve the power quality of the system.

Cornerstone Middle East understands that it is important for customers to have a reliable, continuous, and pure electrical supply in today’s critical commercial and industrial business equipment. Thus we provide our clients with Harmonic study and analysis in UAE. The monitoring of the power will identify problems such as swells, voltage sags, harmonics, interruptions, and also high-frequency noise that are found consistently in commercial and industrial grid applications.

Thus take the help of power quality analysis from our company to know all the problems. Troubleshooting those problems will generally need an accurate analysis and measurement of the quality of power. We will provide you with such monitoring techniques and will help you get rid of problems within your electrical systems and connected equipment.

Our difference

Our team of experts use advanced equipment such as Fluke 438-II Power Quality Analyzer  to collect and analyse on-site data. We also include practical recommendations to improve the power quality of the system in our reports.

Our value proposition

  1. Improve power quality of electrical systems
  2. Identify harmonics and recommend improvements
  3. Extend the life cycle of the entire electrical system