Room Integrity Test

Room Integrity Test

Room Integrity Test

Room integrity tests are conducted at the time of installation of gaseous fire extinguishing systems and annually thereafter as part of the routine maintenance schedule. This is to ensure that an extinguishing concentration is held for a sufficient time to prevent re-ignition in the event of a fire.

The predominant cause of failure of gaseous extinguishing systems is due to inadequate room sealing. It is also found that rooms get leakier with time, usually due to changes in construction, cabling or services. It is therefore important to ensure that good room integrity is established and the retaining time is maintained, particularly bearing in mind the potential consequences of system failure.

A gaseous fire suppression system is an extremely effective and proven technique of protecting your premises from the effects of fire. To ensure this system works properly, it is essential that room integrity testing is carried out when the system is first installed and thereafter at least once a year to make sure the protected area remains adequately sealed. Room integrity testing ensures whether the room or enclosure where the fire suppression system has been installed is adequately sealed or not.

Our difference

We have an experienced team of Retrotec certified Air Tightness specialists who carry out the tests as per the local civil defense standards in rooms where clean agent fire extinguishing systems have been installed.

Our value proposition

  1. Identify leaks that cause the suppression agent to escape.
  2. Verify the working of pressure vents.
  3. Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the air conditioning unit used to cool the room.
  4. Ensure safety and success of the fire fighting system.

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