Electrical Thermography or mechanical thermography refers to the method of using thermal imaging technology in order to detect heat signatures in an electrical or mechanical system to locate anomalies. This is based on the fact that a malfunctioning electrical or mechanical system can lead to increase in temperature of its components. It could range from a simple loose contact in an electrical system, to a worn out bearing in a mechanical system.

Electrical thermography is the technique that is perfect to see beyond what is visible to the naked eye and is a non-contact temperature measurement technique. This technique is also known as an infrared electrical survey or thermal imaging survey. The infrared electrical surveys are needed for various substations, overhead transmission lines, transformers, thyristor banks, circuit operating devices, switches, fuses, circuit breakers, control equipment, motors, and motor control centers. This thermal imaging service or solution is not only perfect to detect potential issues but also serves to minimize any catastrophic electrical accidents. A full report is made at the end of the survey alerting you to any potential risks or areas of serious concern. Thus, an electrical thermographic survey is all about bringing peace of mind to those responsible for the health and safety of any organization.

Cornerstone is amongst the reputed companies providing electrical thermography services in UAE. We are backed by thermography engineers with huge experiences that enable them to provide the best thermal imaging services in UAE. You can rely on us to avail electrical thermography services in Dubai.

We always ensure that performance is consistently optimized and thus, the offered thermal imaging services in Dubai, UAE provided by us offer many benefits to businesses and are known for cost-effectiveness, high reliability.

A solid maintenance program brands the difference between missing and meeting the deadlines of production. There are several companies and organizations out there who depend on thermography products from Cornerstone Middle East to survey and troubleshoot the problems related to an electrical and mechanical system. Cornerstone Middle East offers electrical panel maintenance repair and work post results of a thermographic survey.

We are the leading thermography testing company in UAE having over 10 years of solid experience working across different sectors like oil and gas, factories, hospitality and CRE. Our tools allow the technicians to take a look at the equipment and inspect them safely. Along with inspecting the equipment and troubleshooting, the non-contact measurement and thermal imaging cameras can help you optimize the process of production and also to monitor the quality control.

Our mechanical and electrical thermography inspection services in Dubai, UAE will help you see the signs of failure in the initial stage itself. The thermal camera is used to quickly scan the areas for anomalies and hotspots, initially indicating potential problems. We follow up with a detailed diagnosis of the root cause and source of the issue.


Thermal Imaging can be carried out in full operational conditions and thereby does not require shutdown

Thermography reduces the requirement for extensive and time consuming manual inspections especially in large facilities and inaccessible areas. Only the area found by the thermographer to be faulty needs to be attended by the technician.

The location and intensity of faults can be detected using this method

Routine inspections using Thermal Imaging cameras can often offer various benefits. Inspections can be made under full operational conditions and hence there is no loss of production. Equipment life can be extended and reliability is increased. It can also be used to access the quality of repair works. However, a major advantage of thermography is how it reduces the need for tedious manual inspections and its effectiveness in long range detection situations.

Our ITC Level 2 certified thermographers are experienced in thermographic inspections in various electrical & mechanical systems  in different environments ranging from Oil & Gas, Marine, Manufacturing plants to third-party testing in residential/commercial properties. A few of the components normally tested using thermal imaging cameras and its applications  include:

A. Electrical Thermography:

Switch Gear


Transfer Switches

Bus bar risers

Lighting / Heating Contractors

MCC panels

Breaker Panels



HVAC Equipment


B. Mechanical Thermography:

Motors / Pumps / Bearings/ Couplings

Boiler refractory and air leakage issues

Locate levels in tanks and silos