Underground cable and pipeline detection

Underground cable and pipeline detection

Underground cable and pipeline detection

Locating underground cables(both live & dead) and pipelines is a crucial part of excavation. It is important to know the exact location and depth of the cable/pipe before excavating a site. Tracing the route of an unmarked cable or pipeline is also often a challenge.

This is where Cornerstone comes up with its underground cable and pipeline detection solution. Apart from detection, we are able to trace the route of the cable/pipe and provide exact GPS co-ordinates for the same.

Before locating a fault in an underground cable, it is essential to know the route of the cable. Sometimes one can find maps of the cable routes in the documentation. But, when one does not have the map of the cable route, there is a need to locate and trace it. Locating underground cable is required not only for finding faults, but also for undertaking any excavation likely near a cable route.

Cornerstone is a recognized firm instrumental in providing the most effective solutions for underground cable tracing in UAE. Clients can rely on us to get the best solutions for underground cable and pipeline detection at an effective price.

Our difference

Cornerstone uses advanced electromagnetic and acoustic technology coupled with reflectometry to conduct the inspection.

Our value proposition

  1. Locate and trace both live and dead cables.
  2. Locate and trace a particular cable from a bunch of cables.
  3. Locate & trace both metallic and non-metallic pipes.