Earth Pit Test

Earth Pit Test

Earth Pit Test

The measurement of ground resistance for an earth electrode system is very important. It should be done when the electrode is first installed, and then at periodic intervals thereafter.

From our extensive services, we are engrossed in offering superior quality earth pit testing services in Dubai, UAE. We offer these services as per the various specifications of clients in compliance with the quality standards.

Earth Resistance means the resistance of soil to the passage of electric current. Generally, the earth is a relatively poor conductor of electricity compared to normal conductors like copper wire. But, if the area of a path for current is large enough, resistance can be low and the earth can be a good conductor. It is the earth’s abundance and availability that makes it an indispensable component of a properly functioning electrical system. Earth resistance is measured in two ways for two essential fields of use:

  1. Determining the effectiveness of “ground” grids and connections that are utilized with electrical systems to protect equipment and personnel.
  2. 2. Prospecting for good (low resistance) “ground” locations, or obtaining measured resistance values that can provide specific information about what lies some distance below the surface of the earth.

Our difference

Cornerstone uses the 3-point (Fall-of-potential) method as per IEEE standards, which is the most  accurate  method  for measuring resistance to earth of an grounding electrode.

Our value proposition

  1. Confirm integrity of the earth pits
  2. Comply with safety best practices
  3. Reduce unnecessary electrical shut down

We are a well-reckoned firm indulged in offering earth ground testing services in UAE and we are able to meet the detailed needs of the clients within the given period of time. In addition to this, clients can avail these services from us at cost-effective prices.